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la jolla cove

First Day of School Tomorrow!

Posted on 2010.08.23 at 02:35
Damn i need to upgrade my livejournal! any ideas? i dont even know how to change my background and everything anymore! i need help with that one!

Soooo whats really on my mind right now...i just blocked someone on facebook. Is that silly to be talking about facebook? I don't want to start any drama...i just didnt want to be friends with someone and blocked them from my facebook. oooops :P

Still at cuyamaca....taking a sign language class and anatomy. OMG college textbooks are so expensive! especially science books! at least i am not paying any education fee's worth really complaining about...$6 for classes + books. it could be worse!

ooooo...i felt so stressed out tonight at work! just got promoted to a manager at work! tonight was my first night closing the store by myself. i had to count seven drawers tonight. i think it was seven. idk it was just stressful because i am not use to it. but i successfully kept both safes at even :]

sleep time...beach today at 11am ;] then sign language class tonight at 6pm!

la jolla cove


Posted on 2010.06.19 at 20:18
Current Mood: gigglygiggly
Current Music: Breaking the Habit-Linkin Park
Welcome to:Jennifer's Live Journal


If you are a shark, before you continue into my lj, you must recite the following pledge:

"I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine.
If I am to change this image, I must first change myself.
Fish are friends, not food."

ooo fun
Posted on 2008.10.28 at 23:22
Halloween is friday.
No college halloween parties for me. but thats okay :]
Boyfriend birthday on Halloween.

The working two jobs thing...sorta cuts out a lot of time that i use to have to hang out with anybody! oh yeah and to "hang out" with my text books. not good.

la jolla cove


Posted on 2008.10.13 at 22:28
I am officially an employee at Borders! yay.
Today was my second day and it was pretty chill. I dont really have to deal with that many customers because I am temp. hired as a paperchase person. Which means that all i have to deal with in the store is the stationary part of the store. mhmm.

la jolla cove


Posted on 2008.07.11 at 21:15
Life is good at the moment :] i am happy.

I might not be too happy about my grade in calc....actually i just checked and i just barely have a c! so that cannot go down! i have to pass this summer class! If i dont i guess it wont be the end of the world...my mom might think so i guess but hey it is my grade!

i think i have my classes mapped out for next semester. next semester should go better than the last too. since i promised myself that i would take a smaller workload hopefully to help me have more time to concentrate on them !

la jolla cove


Posted on 2007.11.16 at 00:16
Current Mood: blahw/e
so im not really goood at this...getting over someone thingy. its just not working out that well. but it has to work out well. have i improved in the last lets say...6 months?im not counting really, just an estimate of the months. counting is bad, it makes you dwell on things. i think so. a little bit. the cell phone has not been helping my that much either. it feels good to type things out. it would feel even better to say them, but you know thats not really realistic at the moment.


this would be easier if i wasnt still friends with this person. that wouldnt work out either i suppose.

live journal is dying. it is sad. why? i dont get it. i suppose i could just write all this into a blog on myspace or a bulletin but i guess the point of not doing that is so that everyone on your friends list knows everything. livejournal is good because there are only a few people that you talk to on it right? but what happens when those few people fall off the face of the planet and only go on myspace? yeah that doesnt make sense but w/e.

candied yams!
excited for turkey day!

la jolla cove


Posted on 2007.09.15 at 11:58

The Monette/Smith family dog!

Born:July 14th 2007

i think...

la jolla cove

i have the weirdest dreams...

Posted on 2007.08.08 at 10:22
Current Mood: contentcontent
i think i had a dream last night about birthdays...and schools.

hmm...so i guess this was my birthday and one of my friends got this really awesome only camera that was my grandma's. weird. so the camera was like a polaroid camera in the sense that they came out automatically. the camera was about the size of a brief case and it was also like a brownie camera( where you ave to look down into this box and you see the image upside down, if anybody knows what i'm talking about. but this camera doesn't make sense because the picture's came out on matte paper in color!

i told you have weird dreams...but doesn't everybody?

anyways...so the other half of my dream was about somebody who was having a halloween birthday party in a school. that was interesting. oh and it was an indoors school. it sorta reminded me of harry potter but it wasn't. no magic in this dream :[ haha. hmm...and there was a purple dinosaur cake. and i can't remember the rest...

la jolla cove

Fall 2007

Posted on 2007.08.03 at 23:37
so i signed up for my classes today :]

english 110(3 units)MW
math 176(6 units)MW
chem 120(4 units)MWF

la jolla cove

i got my license!

Posted on 2007.08.02 at 17:43
Current Mood: happyhappy

now all i need is a car. my license come in the mail on the 12th! i'm excited! but im not so excited to see my permit picture on there! me and my frizzy hair! oh well! at least i have my license.

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